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Here’s How Many Days You Have to Practice, Dads!

For Immediate Release: March 20, 2023 Grafton Wisconsin

Contact: Ozaukee Talent Founder Angie Mack angie@ozaukeetalent.com


Dads Who Sing!

An Initiative Created by Ozaukee Talent

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2.14.23 © Angie Mack

When? Saturday June 10th starting at 1 pm (bring your own chairs) Free family-friendly live music event the weekend before Father’s Day!

Where? Cornerstone Community Bank, (outside pavillion) 2090 Wisconsin Ave, Grafton, WI

Why? Seeks to:

  • Remove stigmas and bullying affiliated with boys in the arts
  • Raise awareness that boys need healthy outlets to express emotions
  • Highlight local dads who are talented in the arts
  • Highlight local families who support males in the arts
  • Provide new social opportunities for males through the arts
  • Recognize that males can be intuitive, sensitive and creative and that these skills have a valuable place in the workforce
  • Address real issues that have affected our community for decades

Ways to Get Involved and Activities Surrounding This Initiative

  • Video, Audio and Written Interviews (interviewees can remain anonymous) CONTACT: angie@ozaukeetalent.com with the SUBJECT: Dads Who Sing! if you would like to be interviewed
  • Dad Performers at a Variety of Locations CONTACT: angie@ozaukeetalent.com with the SUBJECT: Dads Who Sing! if you would like to be a dad performer
  • Funding for Males to Mentor Males in the Arts CONTACT: angie@ozaukeetalent.com with the SUBJECT: Dads Who Sing! if you would like to be a sponsor of this initiative and event happening the weekend before Father’s Day June 18, 2023 TAX DEDUCTIBLE DONATIONS HERE
  • Creative Media to Raise Awareness CONTACT: angie@ozaukeetalent.com with the SUBJECT: Dads Who Sing! if you would like to help create or contribute media
  • Highlight Careers that Need Creative Men CONTACT: angie@ozaukeetalent.com with the SUBJECT: Dads Who Sing! if you are affiliated with a business requiring creativity and would like to be interviewed
  • Highlight Families and Businesses Who Support Men in the Arts CONTACT: angie@ozaukeetalent.com with the SUBJECT: Dads Who Sing! if you would like to donate to this initiative DONATE HERE
  • Ideally Hold a Competition or Event for Dads Who Sing CONTACT: angie@ozaukeetalent.com with the SUBJECT: Dads Who Sing! if your business would like to be an exclusive sponsor for a future event
  • Brat Sales to raise funds for Ozaukee Talent through Create Wisconsin CONTACT: angie@ozaukeetalent.com with the SUBJECT: Dads Who Sing! if you would like to oversee a brat sale at the June 10th event and more
  • Vendor Exposure CONTACT: angie@ozaukeetalent.com with the SUBJECT: Dads Who Sing! if you are a business with free promotional merch that you are willing to give families at the June 10th event

June 10th Lineup

1:00 Event Begins with Producing Sensation Frank1in

2:30 to 3:00 Karmatic (Robert Alan)

3:00 to 3:30 Alvin John!

3:30 to 4:30 Chris Esenberg

4:30 to 6:30 Ozaukee Dad Jam and Daddy Karaoke

Re: Daddy Karaoke — Due to limited space, it would be best if you could email angie@ozaukeetalent.com ahead of time with your name, song that you would like to sing, photo of you and a little about you for promo purposes. Bring the track that you are going to sing along with on your phone. It would be helpful if you could email it to us ahead of time as well. Karaoke will be first come, first served. We might be able to fit some singing dads in between musical sets as well. If we think that there is additional space, a sign up sheet will be posted at 12:30 pm that day and will be first come, first served.

Sponsors and Supporters

Angie Mack Keynote Arts Speaker

For a public speaking quote CONTACT:  angie@ozaukeetalent.com

“Angela is a passionate visionary who has the ability to articulate, set and attain high goals for a greater cause.”  –Michael “Hawkeye” Herman, international music educator,  keynote speaker and performer

“Go big or go home. Because it’s true. What do you have to lose?”~Eliza Dushku

This quote is a favorite of Angie Mack because it is how she lives life and that is why I would like to introduce her to you. “Being drawn to the performing arts, everything I do is big; anything I have ever done, I have put 110 percent into it, whether performing, acting, directing or teaching,” she says.

~By Cynthia M. Freeman

Decades of Volunteer Music Advocacy

Angie Mack Longtime Arts Collaborator, Advocate and Leader

Public Speaker | Writer | Musician | Composer | Producer, Director, Marketing Professional 

Innovative Public Speaker with over two decades in arts management.  Highly experienced in managing arts projects and teams of people.  Proven effective transforming environments to create lasting change using the arts and creativity.  Background in marketing with sucess linking businesses with needed resources to provide mutually positive opportunities and revenue streams.   Experienced in issues relating to:

The Power of Arts, Collaboration and Performance

The Arts, Coping and Mental Health

LISTEN: How Art Can Help With Coping and Mental Health: An Interview with Artist Angie Mack

Lakeshore Psychology Services Hosted By: Dr. Lee Hildebrand, PhD

Dr. Hildebrand interviews Angie Mack with a focus on her early development as an artist, the challenges of fitting in as a creative, and  the discovery and treatment of ADHD. Lastly, she reads one of her published poems and we discuss how she uses art to both cope and opitimize her life.

Healing through Expressing Authentice Emotions (Song Sample)

“Listen to Your Mother” National Show on Motherhood (also appeared on the Morning Blend talk show on TMJ4)

The Arts and the Creative Process

The Arts and Environments

The Arts and Paramount Records

World Music Foundation Podcast: The Rise, Fall and Resurrection

CBS Hometown Grafton (2nd video down from the top)

Spectrum News 

Delta Download: Pieces of Paramount

Grafton Chamber of Commerce

Rose-Harms American Legion

The Arts and Covid-19

The Arts and Disparities in Funding


The Arts and Poetry

“Open Your Mouth” Conversations with Angie featuring Artist “Noble” at the Grafton House of Blues

The Arts and Blues Guitar Legend Blind Blake

OnMilwaukee: On the Trail of Bluesman Blind Blake in Milwaukee

Exclusive Interviews with Angie Mack

Creativity Portal: Angela Mack Interview

Music Virtuoso Interview: Angie Mack by Z.M. Wise

The Arts and Children

Fox 6 Now Milwaukee (2nd and 3rd video) Angie was the Program Director for NSAA’s Jr. Stagekids Program for many years

Fox 6 News Milwaukee featuring Brian Kramp and Elf Jr. produced by Angie Mack

CBS 58 with Michael Schlesinger Lion King Jr. produced by Angie Mack at the Cedarburg Performing Arts Center

Paramount Interactive Guided Walking Tour for Youth and School Groups

Blues in the Schools

The Arts and Social Media and Marketing

Interview with Social Media guru and Music and Art Director Angie Mack!

Follow Ozaukee Talent on Facebook to see samples of work

Follow Ozaukee Talent on Instagram to see samples of work

The Arts and Entrepreneurship

Interview with Milwaukee Entrepreneur Trelly Mack

Chronic Creativity Angie Mack Creativity Portal

Author of Chronic Creativity:  A Diagnostic Look at the Condition and How to Become Infected 

The Arts and Spirituality

More Public Speaking Engagements

Exorbitant amount of experience entertaining and motivating very large youth and adult audience, cast, crew and volunteers as part of the job description of Musical Theater Producer, Director and Entertainer. Public speaking style is direct, full of unique and impactful stories, dramatic, motivated by empathy and humorous leanings toward satire and exaggeration.

Chronic Creativity Interactive Workshops for Adults at Spirit Life Church in Mequon

“Walk of Fame Induction Ceremony”, Grafton, WI as Chairperson about blues history

“Giro d’ Grafton Bike Race, 2007, Grafton, WI

“Wisconsin Blues Connection” and PowerPoint Presentation, Wisconsin Historical Society

“At 10” Radio Interview, National Public Radio

(Interview with Pat and Angela on WUWM 89.7FM Milwaukee Public Radio discussing the history of Paramount Records in Grafton, Wisconsin. )

Note: Program is (c) 2006, Board of Regents, University of Wisconsin System – WUWM-FM

“Paramount History” and PowerPoint Presentation, Port Washington Kiwanas Club

“Paramount History” and PowerPoint Presentation, MATC-Mequon Campus

“Passionate about Paramount and the Blues” Children’s Educational Performance, Grafton Library 2006

“Paramount Blues Festival Panel Discussion”, Cedarburg Cultural Center WI

St. Mary’s Care Center Chapel Services, Madison, WI

Television, Acting and Production Career

Played supporting actress, Carol, in Leaving Eden Series

Adulting With ADHD: A Documentary Film by Gloria Joy Sherrod featuring Angie Mack

Produced and played female lead Narrator, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, CPAC

Produced and starred as supporting lead, John the Baptist and female soloist for Godspell, NSAA

2018:  Television feature on the Real Milwaukee show with Brian Kramp about children’s theater

2017:  Juried Public Speaker for National Listen to Your Mother Show about mental illness

2016:  Television feature on the Morning Blend Show about mental illness 2016:  Television feature on the Morning Blend Show about gifted and talented children

2009:  Television feature on My Fox about Wisconsin music history

Writing Career

Created written content and research for the following major projects:

“Grafton City Blues” by Kevin Ramsey, Milwaukee Repertory Theater

“Lost Musical Treasure” PBS History Detectives

The Rise & Fall of Paramount Records, Volume One (6 LP 180g) …. Grammy Award Winner, 2014 – Best Boxed or Special Limited-Edition Package …. Label: Third Man Records;

The Rise & Fall of Paramount Records, Volume Two (6 LP 180g) …. Grammy Award Winner, 2015 – Best Boxed or Special Limited-Edition Package …. Label: Third Man Records; “Chasin’ Dem Blues” by Kevin Ramsey, Delaware Theatre Company

“Paramount Walking Tour Booklet”, Village of Grafton Historic Preservation Commission

“Substance Abuse: The Ultimate Teen Guide (It Happened to Me)” by Sheri Bestor

Wrote journalistic articles for magazines and blogs:

“Cedarburg’s Rising Star” Ozaukee Magazine, Apr 2014

“On the Trail of Bluesman Blind Blake in Milwaukee” OnMilwaukee.com Apr 2011

“Chronic Creativity” Creativity Portal

“Why the Blues Belongs in Port” Ozaukee Magazine, Mar 2015

“The Adventures of Tim and Ben” Ozaukee Magazine, Jun 2014

“Eurydice” Ozaukee Magazine, Aug 2014

North Shore Academy of the Arts Website Blog, Main Writer, 2007-2013

Ozaukee Talent Website Blog, Main Writer and Web Owner, 2016

Sociofocus Website Blog, Main Writer and Web Owner, 2010-2016

Paramounts Home, Article Contributor and Web Owner, 2004-2016

Creative Connection Arts, Contributor and Web Owner, 2004-2011

Milwaukee Talent Website Blog, Main Writer and Web Owner, 2016

“The Value of An Idea”, Creativity Portal

Additional Information

Ozaukee Talent, Grafton, WI, (2016 – Present) Founding Director/CEO

Northshore Academy of Arts, Inc, Grafton, WI, (2004 – 2019 employee then private contractor) Roles: Music Director, Jr. Stagekids Program Director, Producer, Associate Producer, Marketing Director, Arts Instructor, Curriculum Creator, Staff and Volunteer Oversite, Fundraising and Advertising, Performer, Emcee, Audition Judge, Content Creator

Paramount Records and Blues Educator, Advocate and Researcher, Grafton, WI, (2004 – Present) Co-Founder/Researcher/Educator

Please note that the bulk of this work has been unpaid volunteer work DONATIONS RECEIVED WITH THANKS

Roles: Community Educator, Writer, Chief Visionary for many projects, Paramount Plaza Walk of Fame Chairperson, Public Relations, Tourism Booklet Writer and Tour Guide, Archivist, Public Speaker, Researcher, Community Organizer, Public Art, Downtown Development Ad Hoc Committee Member under Darrell Hofland, Grafton Historic Commission Committee Member under Ralph Zaun, Co-Founder of Non-profit Paramount G.I.G. (Grooves in Grafton) Award-winning Website Co-Owner for Paramountshome.org which was a cutting edge online digital library that launched in 2004 when information was not available online.

Marcus Promotions/Footlights, Inc., Milwaukee, WI, (2013 – 2015)

Account Executive/Marketing Consultant

Strategically partnered businesses with productions and theater venues building Business to Business (B2B) type sales relationships for mutually benefiting parties. Handled large key accounts with clients including Milwaukee Public Television, Habush Habush and Rottier, The Trinity Irish Dancers, Roundys, etc. Advisor to marketing directors on how to creatively market their business in front of their target audience 

Ozaukee Talent Pop-Up Drum Circle 6.18.22 6-7 pm Lime Kiln Park, Grafton WI

Need to Register?

Bring something to sit on, beverage, and percussion instrument of any kind only if you have one.  If not, something will be provided.

Notes for Drum Circle Attendees

6.18.22 Lime Kiln Park 6-7 pm created by Drum Circle Facilitator Angie Mack

Contact:  angie@ozaukeetalent.com

I am going to spend no more than 5-10 minutes explaining the vision for this drum circle which is scheduled to end at 7:00.  

Once we get started, I may pause and occasionally ask some guided questions for whoever wants to share.  I might ask things like:

  • What is your relationship with drumming? (It’s OK to say, “I am brand new at this”.)  
  • Why are you here?  Is it for personal growth such as to experience the physical, mental, spiritual or social benefits of drumming?  Is it because you are concerned about modern day events and need a place to come together with others?  Are you here to support me?  Are you unsure of why you are here?
  • What is your current authentic mood?  Embarrassed?  Proud?  Crabby?  Thankful?  Spiritual?  Stressed?  Drumming helps us to be mindful or “in the moment”.  

In brief, I have been an arts leader in Ozaukee County for about 26 years.  I am deeply concerned about the stress that modern day events have had on people and families.  I am not here with any type of political or religious affiliation.  I am here because I know, through experience, that music has two special qualities:  It heals.  And it brings people together.

Music is a universal language.  It’s all inclusive.  Making a beat is something that anyone can do.  It goes back to the very beginnings of human civilization.  Archaeologist Sergei Bibikov said that the first instruments were made out of mammoth bones   https://unesdoc.unesco.org/ark:/48223/pf0000049687

This gathering has zero to do with musical ability or prowess.  It is about experimenting with your instrument to bring sounds that contribute to the sound of the group.  It is about getting back to the very roots and basics of what it means to coexist with other people.  Occasionally I might gesture with my arm so that we can find a steady beat together.  Or I might gesture to play a little quieter or a little louder.  My job as the drum circle facilitator is to conduct musical and interpersonal unity.

I have always been fascinated by circles.   In fact, music is based on a scientific or mathematical law called the Circle of Fifths.  In addition, some of you may or may not know that some of the earliest and foundational songs in American history were etched into circles of wax about one block north of Lime Kiln Park.  

Circle of Fifths

I often joke that I don’t like parades because they are “too linear”.  I conduct many of my music and arts classes in circles.  I feel comfortable in circles.  At the center of today’s drum circle, I see love and respect.  `I see love and respect for you because you have a journey that is different than mine.  I hope that you can have love and respect for me because I have had a different journey than you.  As human beings, we should cheer each other on to be their best selves.  

I don’t see a lot of that in our modern day culture.  Have we really evolved as human beings if we are committing increasingly worse atrocities against one another?  

Guiding Rules

  • No talking during the session.  The goal is to listen to each other, to nature and to ourselves.  
  • Watch me for cues to get on the same beat, to get quieter or louder.  Otherwise, know that you sound great.  
  • Be comfortable.  Mostly with yourself.  Come and go as you need to.  If you need to phone or text, please step outside of the circle temporarily.  
  • Feel free to try different instruments.  Put yours in the middle of the circle and try something different for awhile.  
  • I might pause to take photos, audio or video for social media.

$10 suggested donation.  Cash. Venmo. Paypal. Etc…


Any Questions?  Otherwise, there will be more opportunities to share once we get going.

Circle Back with Angie Mack – The Beginning Years

May 20, 2022

by Angie Mack CONTACT:  angie@ozaukeetalent.com

I grew up with an older sister who had a physical and intellectual disability that required 24-hour nursing care.    She needed to live in a facility that was about an hour away from our home so I only saw her on occasion. She was both nonverbal as well as nonphysical.  The seeds of compassion for people residing in care facilities were instilled in me at a very young age.  I instinctively coped with this loss through music.

Before I had my first child, I became a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) through MATC in Madison.  I was primarily stationed to the area of a facility that housed patients with Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Parkinson’s Disease and Mental Illness.  I found that I was able to connect well with the residents and was asked to assist in the Activities Department.

One of our weekly activities was to have mass made available to the residents on Fridays.  Many looked forward to this occasion and even had their hair and nails done for the event.  We had an issue with priests cancelling mass at the last minute.  In order to satisfy the residents, I was asked to deliver an impromptu spiritual message accompanied by group singing.  There was an old piano in the corner of the cafeteria where we met.  Thankfully, I was good at improvising as well as singing and playing the piano.

A friend from church later joined me and we took our uplifting message and music to various facilities throughout the greater Madison area.  We had between 5 and 10 bookings per month.

My pastor, at the time, took notice of my talents and asked if I would play piano and sing for their Sunday services.   The church had a house on their property set aside for people who needed minimal living assistance.  Next, I became the Administrator of their State-Licensed Class B Community-Based Residential Facility.

Fast forward a few decades.  Rob Kos of Gathering on the Green also noticed this “gift” of mine and hired me a few years ago to do music sessions with the special needs adults at Balance, Inc., Homestead High School Transitional Students and Portal, Inc.  Words cannot describe how enriching this experience has been!

Last night was the 30th Anniversary celebration Gala for Balance, Inc. at Shully’s in Thiensville.  It was an honor to collaborate on a music video that was a focal point of the evening fundraiser.  More than $140k was raised to help pay off mortgages for adults with special needs.  In this video, I am singing, playing piano and wrote the storyboard.  It is highly inspiring.  Check it out:

The pandemic and all of the issues that it has spawned has made me deeply concerned for families, children and mankind.  A major reason why we are in a mental health crisis is due to the nastiness of people.  People are stressed.  And people have been nasty.  Pure and simple.

I decided that I would like to spend the rest of 2022 trying to bring people together through drumming.  It’s an all-inclusive musical activity that has healing properties according countless studies.  Humanity needs to heal.  How do we heal?  Through each other.

The drum circles are primarily intended for:

Register for Drum Circle HERE 

Donations Needed for Ozaukee Talent

#internationalwomensday March 8, 2023

Ozaukee Talent is a female-run small arts businesses dedicated to building community through the arts.  (A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words)

Founded in 2016, by long-time arts leader Angie Mack, Ozaukee Talent has held a solid 5-star rating with solid testimonials, business collaborations and community service.

Angie has been serving southeastern Wisconsin in the arts for about 26 years.  Most of that time has been donated

Angie has made it her life’s work to honor individual artists, both alive and deceased.

Individuals matter.

Thank you for donating any amount so that Angie’s business can expand.  The leadership, reputation and skills are all there.

More Music and Arts Event Community Involvement

Working capital is the missing piece.

Please donate through Create Wisconsin, Inc. for a tax-deductible contribution.

Thank you.