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“When a record collector from Oregon visited Grafton in 2002 looking for remnants of Paramount, it triggered a reawakening. Upon learning that the pioneering recording studio and record pressing plant had operated on the street where she lives, resident Angela Mack, 37, launched a website,, and a campaign to publicize the fact that blues legends, including Charley Patton, “Son” House, Louise Johnson and Skip James, once had recorded in her hometown.

Energized, Grafton officials—who had been seeking a suitable redevelopment theme for several years—began working to incorporate a musical design in the downtown plaza. Now a Walk of Fame resembling a giant keyboard adorns the new Paramount Plaza, with names of noted Paramount artists to be etched annually into its 44 black, 7-foot-long keys.” American Profile Magazine

Angie Mack in the News (Archives)

In 2005, Angie Mack pitched a story idea to the producers of PBS History Detectives. During that time, they only choose less than 2% of their story submissions to pursue. The result was this segment, “Lost Musical Treasure” which aired nationwide in 2006. Here is Part 1 of a 2 part series.

Angie Spearheaded Efforts to Make Sure that Paramount Records History Was Embraced


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Embracing The Legacy Of The Blues / From the South To The North by Michael “Hawkeye” Herman Part 2. Grafton, WI and Paramount Records originally published in the international BLUES FESTIVAL GUIDE in 2006

Angie speaks (at 1:04 in this video) on TMJ4’s Segment, “Paramount Records’ history in Ozaukee County)

The Paramount Records story: How Grafton left an unlikely legacy on American blues music

Angie speaks (at 5:00 in this video) with Nicole Koglin on a CBS 58 Interview

Angie assists playwright Kevin Ramsey in the creation of the musical “Grafton City Blues” which premiered at the Milwaukee Rep

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“Singing the Grafton Blues” by Bobby Tanzilo


“On the trail of bluesman Blind Blake in Milwaukee” by Angela Mack Reilly published on

Getting a #headstone #gravestone for #blindblake

Some of the podcasts, television appearances, radio interviews, articles and videos that feature Angie and her work:


Paramount Records

By Karl Christenson
Wednesday, April 22, 2015, 4:20pm
Monday, September 26, 2016, 4:15pm

RADIO SEGMENT with Amanda Petrusich
Amanda Petrusich, American music journalist and author from New York

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“Paramount Sings The Blues” in Exclusively Yours Magazine


Some Ozaukee Press articles about Paramount Records

Ozaukee Talent’s founder, Angie Mack, has established a great worldwide network of people and press affiliated with the arts and entertainment industries. Ozaukee Talent is headquartered in Grafton, WI.
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Photo published by the Ozaukee Press






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Guided Paramount Walking Tours with Paramount Records Educator and Musician Angie Mack EMAIL

Read more about some of Angie’s pioneering work in Grafton, WI

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