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Connections through the Arts

Founder Angie Mack has over 20 years in arts leadership, project management, commissioned arts projects, private mentoring, custom arts programming, public speaking, advocating and educating. She is the author of Chronic Creativity: A Diagnostic Look at the Condition and How to Become Infected and has published work around the world in a variety of mediums.

Private Lessons

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Private lessons are well-reputable and tailored to each person’s learning style, goals, level and passions. Disciplines include piano, voice, acting, guitar, bass, drums, auditions, performing, songwriting, creative writing and more. Email angie@ozaukeetalent.com with questions.

“Ozaukee Talent is providing a service of high quality and immense value to the community for next to nothing. Angela Mack is a consummate, kind and knowledgeable professional. It is wonderful to see someone use the talents and expertise that they have acquired over a lifetime, to help open the door for young people that want to explore the vast world of music. Angie helps kids maximize their musical potential by designing a curriculum that is tailored to the interests of each student, making it easy and fun for them to learn. One would be hard pressed to find a better, more scholarly teacher than Angela anywhere in the mid-west. Anyone who wants to nurture their child’s curiosity, passion and talent for music needs to check out Ozaukee Talent. Thank you Angie!! :)”

Alex wilson, international blues musician

Effectively Reaching Audiences of All Kinds

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Ozaukee Talent has a strong track record of successfully reaching audiences through musical theater events, music events, festivals, on-site special programming, television, online media, radio and more. Contact angie@ozaukeetalent.com for custom arts services which are contracted out.

“What can I say? Angie of Ozaukee Talent is truly amazing! She once said that she loves to uncover the hidden gems in our community. But I truly believe that she herself is a rare gem! She is one of the most talented, compassionate, creative people that I have ever met. By planting musical seeds, she has opened some amazing doors for our children in the arts. She produces and directs plays in our community, she teaches musical instruments, voice, public speaking, audition practice, and the list goes on. She is truly a blessing in our community!”

Michelle, Nurse, musician, writer

Professional Arts Collaborations

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The mission of Ozaukee Talent is to connect talented people with businesses, organizations and events for mutual benefit. They say that a picture is worth 1,000 words. Follow @ozaukeetalent in Instagram and Ozaukee Talent on Facebook for samples of collaborations.

“Angie ran the glee club that was my happy place in high school, helping us shape our performances and leaving us room to lead and find our own voices. She is the first person I ever showed one of my original songs to because I trusted her creative vision and was emboldened to write at all by her encouraging spirit. She has continued to champion me even though I’m no longer officially her student, and I am constantly inspired by her passion for the arts.”  –Talia Lakritz”

Talia Lakritz, Correspondent at Business Insider


Ozaukee Talent is an independently run female small business. Tax-deductible donations for Ozaukee Talent can be made through Create Wisconsin.

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Reach out so we can work together to impact more audiences and fulfill any gaps in your creative services needs. Unique projects are set up as proposals and the contracted. Let’s begin discussions!

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