Dads Who Sing! Saturday June 10 at Cornerstone Bank in Grafton



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Here’s How Many Days You Have to Practice, Dads!

For Immediate Release: March 20, 2023 Grafton Wisconsin

Contact: Ozaukee Talent Founder Angie Mack


Dads Who Sing!

An Initiative Created by Ozaukee Talent

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2.14.23 © Angie Mack

When? Saturday June 10th starting at 1 pm (bring your own chairs) Free family-friendly live music event the weekend before Father’s Day!

Where? Cornerstone Community Bank, (outside pavillion) 2090 Wisconsin Ave, Grafton, WI

Why? Seeks to:

  • Remove stigmas and bullying affiliated with boys in the arts
  • Raise awareness that boys need healthy outlets to express emotions
  • Highlight local dads who are talented in the arts
  • Highlight local families who support males in the arts
  • Provide new social opportunities for males through the arts
  • Recognize that males can be intuitive, sensitive and creative and that these skills have a valuable place in the workforce
  • Address real issues that have affected our community for decades

Ways to Get Involved and Activities Surrounding This Initiative Email

  • Video, Audio and Written Interviews (interviewees can remain anonymous) CONTACT ANGIE if you would like to be interviewed
  • Dad Performers at a Variety of Locations CONTACT ANGIE if you would like to be a dad performer
  • Funding for Males to Mentor Males in the Arts CONTACT ANGIE if you would like to be a sponsor of this initiative and event happening the weekend before Father’s Day June 18, 2023 TAX DEDUCTIBLE DONATIONS HERE
  • Creative Media to Raise Awareness CONTACT ANGIE if you would like to help create or contribute media
  • Highlight Careers that Need Creative Men CONTACT ANGIE if you are affiliated with a business requiring creativity and would like to be interviewed
  • Highlight Families and Businesses Who Support Men in the Arts CONTACT ANGIE if you would like to donate to this initiative DONATE HERE
  • Ideally Hold a Competition or Event for Dads Who Sing CONTACT ANGIE if your business would like to be an exclusive sponsor for a future event
  • Brat Sales to raise funds for Ozaukee Talent through Create Wisconsin CONTACT ANGIE if you would like to oversee a brat sale at the June 10th event and more
  • Vendor Exposure CONTACT ANGIE if you are a business with free promotional merch, food, services, etc… that you are willing to give families at the June 10th event

June 10th Lineup

12:00 to 1:00 “Write a Song for Dad” with Ben Merens”* and set up

1:00 Cat Dad Ian Brown

1:30 Producing Sensation Frank1in

2:30 Karmatic (Robert Alan)

3:00 Alvin John!

3:30 Chris Esenberg

4:00 B.J. Fisher

4:30 to 6:30 Ozaukee Dad Jam and Daddy Karaoke

Re: Ozaukee Dad Jam and Karaoke (a first come, first served sign up sheet will be available at the event)

Re: Daddy Karaoke — Due to limited space, it would be best if you could email ahead of time with your name, song that you would like to sing, photo of you and a little about you for promo purposes. Bring the track that you are going to sing along with on your phone. It would be helpful if you could email it to us ahead of time as well. Karaoke will be first come, first served. We might be able to fit some singing dads in between musical sets as well. If we think that there is additional space, a sign up sheet will be posted at 12:30 pm that day and will be first come, first served.

*Re: “Write a Song for Dad With Ben Merens” fee and details tba

Sponsors and Supporters

It is finished! This project has been something that has meant a lot to me for over a year and I’m so excited to finally share it with you…..

New album, It’s Hard to Go to Bed Sober (available to buy or stream May 2, 2023)

Just want to give a big shoutout to Angie Mack, Gabe Fritz, Barbara Wilson, Courtney Leahy, Ronald Pershing, and the whole HEAP CREW for being a big help in making this happen. These are some of the most awesome and talented people I have ever worked with and hope to see more projects with them soon. Thank you all very much! — FRANK1IN


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