Ozaukee Talent Announces #blueschool Coming in 2017

Announcing Ozaukee Talent Blues School in Grafton, WI

Embracing The Legacy Of The Blues / From the South To The North by Michael “Hawkeye” Herman Part 2. Grafton, WI and Paramount Records

written by internationally recognized blues educator and performer Michael “Hawkeye” Herman in 2006

Fresh Musical Talent Featured at 10-10-10 Open Mic

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE June 14, 2016 by Ozaukee Talent founder, Angie Mack Reilly angie@ozaukeetalent.com On Sunday June 26 at 4pm, Ozaukee Talent will be hosting its first “10-10-10 Open Mic” at 1111 Broad Street in Grafton.  Ten acts will perform for ten minute each; giving the audience a sneak peak at fresh new local talent includingContinue reading “Fresh Musical Talent Featured at 10-10-10 Open Mic”

Connecting Grafton, WI to Nationwide PBS

A Successful Pitch to a National Television Show! by Angie Mack Reilly It had to be done.  More people needed to hear about the Paramount record label!!  They needed to know that Grafton, a small Wisconsin town, played a huge role in the music scene.  They needed to know more about the artists who recordedContinue reading “Connecting Grafton, WI to Nationwide PBS”