By Angie Mack Reilly August 19, 2016

GRAFTON, WIS.  If you listen closely, there is a low rumbling coming out of southern Wisconsin.  It’s a refreshing new band that has been hitting the circuit while touring to promote their newest EP.  Hey, Captain Knight released THE OPENER this past December and are being well received by Midwestern, music-loving audiences of all ages.  That rumbling sound is the momentum that they are gathering like a Wisconsin snowball growing into the base of a snowman.

First of all, the five member band is “semi-fresh” out of college.  They all went to UW-Whitewater and are college buddies who share a love for playing music.   The lead singer, Andrew Mindham of Boscobel, recently came to Grafton to teach his first school year at John Long Middle School in 2015-16.

Who wouldn’t love listening to some all-around good,  college educated boys from Wisconsin?  

The other “boys in the band” have careers in Medical Sales, IT Consulting, Web Developing and Associate Recruiting.  They are all responsible “male Millennials” who hold down day jobs while having some fun playing music on the weekends.

I first heard Andrew and his band buddy Tony Ingrassia play an acoustic set at the June Ozaukee Talent 10-10-10 Open Mic.

During their “sound check” I was immediately impressed with their easy-going, “can-do” attitude as they attempted to adapt their sound to fit the acoustics of the historic Timothy Wooden Building, also known as the North Shore Academy of the Arts.  They were extremely pleasant and easy to work with.  They didn’t complain about the sound system or that they weren’t loud enough.  No.  They were pretty “chill” about the whole thing.  They were courteous and kind.  Zero ego.  For a venue manager, this matters.

When they began their set, I immediately picked up on their professionalism and talent.   They quickly connected with their audience as they performed effortlessly.   Being a tough critic, I listened closely  only to discover that Andrew’s vocals were pretty much flawless.   Every word that he sang was natural, authentic and soulful.  Their youthful enthusiasm impressed me.  The ease of Tony’s guitar playing captivated me.  They blended well.  As an audience member, I felt comfortable as I was brought back to memories of my own college days as a Music Theory major.  Their performance was refreshing and fun.

Hey, Captain Knight’s  latest music video, SHE’S THE GIRL, can give you a feel for what I am talking about.  That good clean vibe that they carry.  It’s fresh.

One of the key components that sets this band apart is that they appeal to different age groups.  They offer youth a positive face to look up to.

I looked up Andrew on http://ratemyteachers.com and pulled up this comment,

“Mr mindham is an awesome teacher who is very nice helps me with my work and is very easy going he also has an awesome band”

Middle school, high school, college.  Students of all types can connect.

And the rest of us can relate.  Surely we can remember when the world was full of possibilities, void of offenses and not taken too seriously.   When life was about having some honest fun with friends and not about political BS or paying bills.  They make us forget about “adulting” and we feel vibrant and youthful again.  The Baby Boomers can appreciate that they “work for a living” and “have for themselves a good, solid education”.  And those upward in age can appreciate each band member because they remind them of their favorite grandson.

I will say it again.  Who wouldn’t love listening to some all-around good, college educated boys from Wisconsin?  They are the type of band that you would feel comfortable sending both your 12 year old son and grandma to see.  Yes, they have that wide of an appeal.

Musically, they are tight.  Professionally tight.  Everything of theirs that I have listened to is performed well, blends well and is mixed well.  In other words, these guys have some musical chops and aren’t afraid to share their skills in a playful manner.  Have you ever seen the movie, Amadeus?  Yeah, that.

The music teacher inside of me got curious.  So I Facebook messaged Andrew,

Hey Captain Knight 1

The Elementary Education major from a rural Wisconsin city of 3,000 replied,

Hey Captain Knight 2

Do you know what that little bit tells me?  Prodigy material.  Talent at that level rarely “just happens”.

I wanted to see them perform this summer in the Paramount Plaza that I helped the Village of Grafton conceive.  However, the “rules” as to who can play are:

Group 1 Village and Village sponsored activities 
Group 2 Non-profit Grafton community service clubs, organizations, and youth groups 
Group 3 Businesses located in the Village of Grafton 


Only one of the band members lives in Grafton.  (Good thing nobody famous like Jack White, Led Zeppelin, the Rolling Stones, Joe Cocker, Eric Clapton or even Buddy Guy wants to perform in the plaza.  You know, musicians from around the world who understand the foundational importance of the recordings made in #graftonwi during the 1920s and 30s.)

Anyhow, on Saturday September 10, Hey, Captain Knight will continue their tour and defy the number one Millennial stereotype that they are entitled and lazy.  They will be performing for a Watertown Fire Department Benefit.

What venue or festival WOULDN’T want to have these college educated Millennials by day and HEY, CAPTAIN KNIGHT by night?  For booking, contact heycaptainknightofficial@gmail.com

My only advice for the band?  Start getting your website ready, boys.  You guys are going places!


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