UPCOMING EVENTS @ozaukeetalent


8/21 VOCAL WORKSHOP  $20  50% off for giving a rating and/or writing a review on my OZAUKEE TALENT FACEBOOK page or on Google.  Ratings, reviews, testimonials, etc…really help my business!  🙂  So thank you!

8/22  North Shore Academy of the Arts Jr. Stagekids Present “Disney’s Jungle Book” at 5pm.  Donations accepted at the door for admission!  1111 Broad Street in Grafton.

8/29  NSAA Jr. Stagekids Willy Wonka Auditions 4pm.  Must register through the NSAA website in advance.  (For ages 6 to 11 and directed by Angie Mack Reilly of Ozaukee Talent) 1111 Broad Street in Grafton.

9/1 Fall Semester for Private Lessons begins and September payment is due

9/7 FALL OPEN MUSIC LAB begins Wednesdays 10:30 to 11:30 for Pre-K and Kindergarten

9/9 Ozaukee Talent Youth Choir begins 4:30 to 5:30 Fridays (ages 9 through high school)

9/18 “10-10-10” Open Mic starting at 4pm  PROMO VIDEO FOR EVENT 

SCHOOL’S OUT!  ACT OUT!   Sign up for “off days” in your school district

10/23 GUITAR WORKSHOP with Alex Wilson (strongly recommended for all of my guitar students).  Alex has been awarded multiple times by the WISCONSIN  AREA MUSIC INDUSTRY as one of the top guitarists in the state.  Only $20!

11/6 “10-10-10” Open Mic

12/11 “Caroling In the Community” 4pm FREE

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