Ozaukee Talent Brings On New Events Coordinator and Music Instructor


Ozaukee Talent is pleased to announce the addition of Joshua Mack who will be taking on the role of Music Events Coordinator as well as Music Instructor in 2017.


Joshua will serve as the liaison between the growing network of musicians in Wisconsin. In addition, he will be teaching his passion, which is drumming, along with piano and guitar.  Joshua’s musical skills are highly versatile and well respected.  He has solid management experience and skills which will be a great asset to Ozaukee Talent.

Joshua was raised in a “musical family” who placed great emphasis on musical exploration and learning.  His vast exposure to many musical genres throughout his entire life has shaped him into the musician that he is today.  Joshua understands the value of learning to love music as a child.   Joshua has been drumming for others, primarily area churches, since he was 9 years old. He has also drummed for a variety of local bands and is very familiar with the local music scene.  Joshua is passionate about networking with other musicians and can be emailed at jsmack412@gmail.com 

Ozaukee Talent is now registering for the Winter/Spring semester which will run from January to April.  Those interested in private piano lessons, voice lessons, drum lessons, guitar lessons, public speaking and acting, songwriting and more should email Ozaukee Talent founder Angie Mack Reilly at angie@ozaukeetalent.com

Ozaukee Talent is located in ROOM 309-B on the 3rd floor of the North Shore Academy of the Arts Building (attached to the Grafton Library) at 1111 Broad Street.

Joshua with his family at Bristol Renaissance Faire


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