For Immediate Release: Ozaukee Talent Pop-Up Drum Circles

Image of Hayato Suzuki drumming by Angie Mack


Angie Mack

Ozaukee Talent


Ozaukee Talent Sponsored Community Pop-Up Drum Circles

Regaining a Sense of Community throughout Various Locations This Summer

[Grafton, WI]: Ozaukee Talent today announced Ozaukee Talent Sponsored Community Pop-Up Drum Circles, a new program. Pop-Up Drum Circles invite people of all ages to play music in a group setting.  No experience or instrument is required.   Pop-Up Drum Circles will be held in various locations throughout Wisconsin including parks, schools, businesses and events.  This community activity offers a new way for people to come together through music after being disjointed due to Covid-19.

“Covid-19 did a number on community relations.  It is my desire to bring healing through the tools of collaboration combined with music,” says Angie Mack, founder at Ozaukee Talent. “I have been working as an arts leader in Ozaukee County for close to 25 years and see this as a much needed solution to the stress that we have acquired over the past two years.  This is a family-friendly activity that encourages people of all ages and backgrounds to participate.”

Features and benefits of Ozaukee Talent Sponsored Community Pop-Up Drum Circles include:

  • A regained sense of community after living with restrictions due to Covid-19
  • Health benefits of drumming such as cardio exercise, stress release and improved immunity
  • Promotional opportunity for events and organizations wanting to boost attendance

Ozaukee Talent Sponsored Community Pop-Up Drum Circles will kick off starting Friday May 13 at 2pm at the baaree in Thiensville for the opening of their live venue season.  For other pop-up drum circle dates and times, visit to register.  Interested schools, businesses, event planners  and organizations can contact 

About Ozaukee Talent: Ozaukee Talent was founded by longtime arts leader Angie Mack of Grafton in 2016.  One of the main goals was to connect creative people with businesses and organizations for mutual benefit.  Ozaukee Talent provides a large umbrella of music and performing arts services such as on-site programming, event marketing, arts project management and consultation as well as individual music and acting lessons.  The arts play a vital role in the well-being of any culture and Ozaukee Talent is positioned to help facilitate that.

Visit for more information.  Angie Mack’s personal portfolio of work can be found at



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One lesson. One song. One event at a time. Ozaukee Talent is a training and networking facility for people of all ages wanting to advance in the arts. Ozaukee Talent was founded by longtime arts leader Angie Mack in 2016. Ozaukee Talent provides private music and acting lessons, contracted event marketing, contracted arts project management, consulting, arts public speaking and performing, hosts musical events, workshops and classes in the arts. Contact: Ozaukee Talent 1701 11th Ave. Grafton WI 53024 262.309.4112 Follow @ozaukeetalent on Instagram and Facebook. Tax deductible donations for Ozaukee Talent through Create Wisconsin, Inc. Venmo: @ozaukeetalent PayPal:

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