2017: The Year of Beauty and The Beast

Port Summer Theater Presents Beauty and the Beast July 20-23

by Angie Mack Reilly


2017 seems to be “the year” for Disney’s Beauty and the Beast!  I think that all of my private students and their families went to go see the show in theaters!  Did you?  I would love to hear your thoughts!

I was the Musical Director and Associate Producer for the show a few times…… both at the Schauer Arts and Activities Center and the Cedarburg Performing Arts Center through the North Shore Academy of the Arts.   So many good memories!  Many of my former cast members are now college age and doing absolutely amazing.   Here was part of our set in 2010.  Wow.  Seven years already.

Beauty and the Beast Set

(But this theater season, it’s ALL going to be about Disney’s the Lion King Jr. for me!)

OH!!!  And did you hear that the North Shore Academy of the Arts has a new director who recently moved to town?  Yep, Heather or “Mrs. O” has done Beauty and the Beast as well!   Here’s her reel of her show…..


Beauty and the Beast was also performed in Cedarburg this year and now Port Washington is going to be doing their rendition of the show.

I am really excited that a former and longtime music and musical theater student of mine will be playing the lead role of “Belle”.  I recognized Tina Binn’s talent long ago. That’s why I made her my Assistant Director in several of the shows I produced.  I am blessed with funny memories of Tina that make me laugh even now.  I am used to seeing her in comedic and evil roles (which take a TON of talent, by the way….)  I haven’t seen the show yet.  But I know that if Tina is a part of it, there are bound to be comedic ideas of hers in the show.  We shall see.

Tina Binns and I go way back.   You can READ MORE ABOUT THAT HERE .

tina binns

Please, if you can.  Bring a child to Port Summer Theatre’s Beauty and the Beast and be sure to check out what I am offering for after school programming this upcoming semester

I love musical theater because it engages so many of the senses.   The sounds, the costumes, the dances, the lights, the set changes, the excitement!  Children of ANY age can learn soooooo much from watching a live show.   Trust me on this.

So.  Here’s the “skinny”……


July 20th at 7:00 PM
July 21st at 7:00 PM
July 22nd at 7:00 PM
July 23rd at 2:00 PM

$12.00 for adults
$8.00 for seniors and children 10 & under

Tickets can be purchased in advance through cast members or at select locations in Port Washington.

Performance Location:
Port Washington High School Auditorium
470 West Jackson Street
Port Washington, WI 53074


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