Author on Chronic Creativity to Host After School Music Programs this Fall

GRAFTON, WI For Immediate Release July 5, 2017 3:30 pm

In 2001, I published a book on Creativity Portal called,  “Chronic Creativity:  A Diagnostic Look at the Condition and How to Become Infected”  (It’s hard to believe that the book is still floating around on the Internet 16 years later and has since become a term in the Urban Dictionary.) 

Creativity has long been a favorite topic of mine.  In fact, I have conducted a few classes on creativity for adults which included my original curriculum and interactive lecture series.  In addition, I have been in the arts and industry for a good 18 years mainly as an educator and director.   So I am going to go ahead a call myself a well qualified CREATIVITY COACH and public speaker if that’s OK with you…… (this is where you email me to conduct some classes at your business…I promise they will be fun!) 


collaboration 3


Were you ever in a school production growing up?  What did you like the most about the experience?  Let me guess….. HOW FUN IT WAS working on a creative project with others. Right?  

Collaboration is one of the most thrilling aspects of the creative cycle for any type of artist.   In fact, I would venture to say that even a few of you business professionals enjoy those group “brain storming sessions” in the workplace.   One idea feeds into another idea and then another idea……. In my book, I call it “Idea-itis”.

The times in my life that I smile upon the most are those where I got to collaborate with other artists.

Because of the line of work I am in, I have seen and experienced the power of creative collaboration OVER and OVER again.   Seeing how the cast members interact during the final weeks of a show is priceless.  In all honesty, it’s almost euphoric.

There really aren’t words to express the power of thirty-some people or more coming together in unity with 110% passion to communicate a message to a viable audience.  Creative synergy is just downright fun!

I can’t tell you how many people I have “paired together creatively” over the years.  It’s what I do.  Networking WITH PURPOSE.  Not “coffee, name tags and one sole speaker”.  Naawww, that’s not networking.  I am talking, “let’s DO something creative….and let’s do it together!”   (Us musicians like to call it “jamming”).

group drum lessons

People who are gifted creatively can sometimes tend to be shy in social situations.  Just my observation.   Part of the mission of Ozaukee Talent is to bring people together around a common purpose such as a music-related event or class.  This can especially help those who are anxious in peer settings.

Right now,  I have a group of pre-teen girls that I am mentoring through a group singing class.  The girls are not only learning how to sing, but how to plan their own event as a group.  Their final collaborative project (or performance) will be on August 25th at 4:30 pm at 1111 Broad Street in Grafton.  These girls are gaining important life lessons such as working together as a team and being a leader among peers.  They are learning how to incorporate their ideas in a group setting.  They are learning from each other.  They are learning how to, both, compromise as well as stand up for what they believe in.

Real life skills.  

I am expanding that concept into other after school programs this fall.  Ozaukee Talent will be offering a group guitar class, drum class, piano class and contemporary music class for teens.  Youth will not only be learning music, but learning how to help and collaborate with their peers as well.  Class sizes will be small, safe and comfortable.  And they will have their own “creativity coach” on hand to facilitate learning and encourage innovative thinking.

I found out a long time ago that some youth are a lot more capable of coming up with original ideas and co-leading than we realize.  They just need to be given the opportunity.  That is why I love mentoring youth.  I have more than enough stories on how my students have “risen to the occasion” to choreograph and teach a song, help out with set design or be the emcee for a musical event.  And the esteem that they gain is priceless.  Because I have been teaching so long, I also have the privilege of seeing many of my former students now as adults.  Some have even interned with me this year. Again.  Many many MANY success stories!

I am also offering group classes because several private music students of mine have already learned how to play and write songs on their instrument.   So the next logical step for them would be to take those skills and combine them with the skills of another musician or singer.  In all honesty, that is how they will grow to the next level of musicianship.

The group classes also cost much less than a private lesson.    So I am looking forward to working with youth whose families might not be able to afford “one on one” musical tutoring.

Visit for information about fall classes and to register online.

Pretty awesome, huh?  I think so!

npr logo

I would like to present to you a fabulous article that I read on NPR this morning,

“How to Raise Brilliant Children, According to Science”   by Anya Kamanetz

Guess what you will see in the article?  “Collaboration, communication, content, critical thinking, creative innovation and confidence.”



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