ALEX WILSON: You Can See Him Open for Buddy Guy or You Can See Him at the Cedarburg Cultural Center

Alex Wilson Band at Buddy Guy's Legends

by Angie Mack Reilly (c) 1/5/17

“The first time I saw Buddy Guy was at his club in Chicago.  The thought that was most evident in my mind was that I was finally getting to see one of my heroes play guitar.  One who had inspired and played with so many of my other heroes.”  –Alex Wilson

It’s not everyday that a guitarist gets to open for a seven decade legend of the blues.  But a guitar master rolling through our quaint little Cedarburg, Wisconsin gets to do just that at Buddy Guy’s Legends on January 19th.

“I have never opened for him at his club so I’m excited to do that this coming January 19th!   It’s hard to explain in words what I’ve learned from Buddy musically, but it’s been  a lot.  I think we are going on at 7:30 to play for an hour before Buddy takes the stage with his band.  I’ve always wanted to open for him at his club and it took me many years of trying to finally land this slot.”  –Alex Wilson

But before he does that, Alex Wilson is going to rip it up in downtown Cedarburg tomorrow night.   Alex will be kicking off the Cedarburg Cultural Center’s Annual First Fridays series with his band on Friday January 6th starting at 6pm.

Anyone who is wise should crawl at the opportunity to see this guitar master in action (as well as get his autograph)!  The concert on Friday will provide the audience the rare opportunity to see up close and personal how this high powered “bluesman” wields his weapon, the guitar.

At an Ozaukee Talent blues guitar workshop just a few short months ago, Alex taught the students, “Always make everything you play percussive.  Listen to the Mosely’s.  Get the book, ‘12000 Chords’.  Alter your pick.”

Alex Wilson Blues Guitar Workshop Grafton WI
Blues guitarist Alex Wilson teaches workshop in Grafton, WI

Musicians teaching other musicians.  Musicians influencing other musicians whether in person or via recordings.  Musicians networking with other musicians.  This is a large part of the philosophy of Ozaukee Talent.

“Some of the stylings from his (Buddy Guy’s) early recording career are as much a part of the fabric of my playing as are those of BB King, Albert Collins or Jimi Hendrix.  I’ve met Buddy, but I never knew him so the only personal lessons I’ve ever learned from him are some of those evident in his music. There are perhaps other lessons I tried not to learn, but try or no, everybody lives their own blues.”


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