Ozaukee Talent Student and Founder Appearing on The Morning Blend July 1st

Ozaukee Talent is proud to announce that one of its students will be featured on The Morning Blend TV show on Friday July 1, 2016.

This young and specially gifted student will be performing on the show as well as talking about her love for singing, composing and playing the piano.

She will be interviewed by show hosts Molly Fay, Tiffany Ogle along with her private music coach and founder of Ozaukee Talent, Angie Mack Reilly.

The Morning Blend is a popular morning television show featured weekdays at 9am by TMJ4.  The show can also be watched live through their website.  The video segment will be made available for viewing through The Morning Blend website after it airs.

Be sure to watch this special segment!

For more about Ozaukee Talent and Milwaukee Talent visit http://ozaukeetalent.com and http://milwaukeetalent.com , email angie@ozaukeetalent.com or call 262.309.4112 and leave a message.

The Morning Blend logo


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  1. Hi , I’m so happy to know you offer acting classes . I quite interested . I haven’t see the part were you pay I’ll keep looking. I’ve had some experience . would love to do more . so let’s talk


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