Richard Pesich, Financial Advisor

Angie has a great ability to bring out the hidden talents in her students for both young and old alike. With her 20+ years of experience in music and the arts, Angie helps her students explore, experiment and develop their talent. Her studio invites creativity, whether she provides lessons in piano, guitar, vocals, or drama. As an adult student, Angie helped me bring focus and clarity to my love of music and singing and I had the opportunity to entertain in my community. She also made the 88 keys on the piano so easy to understand in just a short period of time. Taking lessons with Angie, whatever your dicipline, should be part of anybody’s curriculum Angie is the person, the coach, you want in your corner to get ready for your big day. She is a great supporter and promoter of local talent AND a talented musician in her own right. Thanks Angie!