Mark Schultze, Senior IT Executive at Oshkosh Corporation

Mark Schultze Oshkosh Corporation

“We have retained Angela Mack as our only music teacher for our 3 children for the past 3 years. She has taught all 3 of them at their level of ability. The most satisfying aspect of having Angela as their music teacher is how she has awakened and encouraged a love of music theory and composition in them. Our children play / experiment on the piano throughout the day at our house, oftentimes 3 or 4 times within the same day, on their own. Our children always enjoy going to lessons with her. Angela is very good with children of all ages, and the time the children spend with her is a joyous time for them. She has a very joyous interaction with our 3 children, and this has left them with a desire to learn more about music, and it’s components. Lessons with Angela have never been “just piano lessons,” they’ve always been “music for life” lessons. I would recommend her enthusiastically for any type of music instruction/coaching/voice lessons. Her love of music and creativity can be read on her face and through her interactions with clients and students. She is a true original.” –Mark Schultze