Alex Wilson, Long-standing Blues Performer, Opener for Buddy Guy

“Ozaukee Talent is providing a service of high quality and immense value to the community for next to nothing. Angela Mack Reilly is a consummate, kind and knowledgeable professional. It is wonderful to see someone use the talents and expertise that they have acquired over a lifetime, to help open the door for young people that want to explore the vast world of music. Angie helps kids maximize their musical potential by designing a curriculum that is tailored to the interests of each student, making it easy and fun for them to learn. One would be hard pressed to find a better, more scholarly teacher than Angela anywhere in the mid-west. Anyone who wants to nurture their child’s curiosity, passion and talent for music needs to check out Ozaukee Talent. Thank you Angie!! :)”  — Google Review by Alex Wilson, October 2017