Richard Pesich, Financial Advisor

Angie has a great ability to bring out the hidden talents in her students for both young and old alike. With her 20+ years of experience in music and the arts, Angie helps her students explore, experiment and develop their talent. Her studio invites creativity, whether she provides lessons in piano, guitar, vocals, or drama. As an adult student, Angie helped me bring focus and clarity to my love of music and singing and I had the opportunity to entertain in my community. She also made the 88 keys on the piano so easy to understand in just a short period of time. Taking lessons with Angie, whatever your dicipline, should be part of anybody’s curriculum Angie is the person, the coach, you want in your corner to get ready for your big day. She is a great supporter and promoter of local talent AND a talented musician in her own right. Thanks Angie!

Michelle Lee, RN, Musician and Contributing Writer

What can I say? Angie of Ozaukee Talent is truly amazing! She once said that she loves to uncover the hidden gems in our community. But I truly believe that she herself is a rare gem! She is one of the most talented, compassionate, creative people that I have ever met. By planting musical seeds, she has opened some amazing doors for our children in the arts. She produces and directs plays in our community, she teaches musical instruments, voice, public speaking, audition practice, and the list goes on. She is truly a blessing in our community!

Look Who Got Into First Stage!

(9/19/18) “I just wanted to send you a short email to let you know that (my daughter) has been cast in the ensemble for Big River.  She is SO excited!  I can’t thank you enough for your help and guidance.  I have no doubt that she got the offer due to the suggestions you made.  For example, she told me she was the only Lost Boy who had her lines memorized, and she was also one of the only few kids who dressed “in character.”  Your tips really helped make her stand out.  Thank you again!”  –Katie

(8/20/18) “Thanks again for all your help.  I was completely blown away by all that you were able to accomplish with (my daughter) in one hour! So much progress!  Thank you!”

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Alexandra Rosas, Show Producer, Public Speaker and Writer

“I met Angie a decade ago when looking for a music teacher to supplement my children’s homeschooling,” Rosas said, adding that, in Mack Reilly, she found “not just a music teacher, but someone who opened the door to the lifelong joy of music for my children.”

“My son is now 20 years old now and continues to play piano, because of Angie’s tender encouragement.” Alexandra Roses, Humorous Speaker and Writer, quote from 2016 News Graphic Article,  Angie Mack Reilly Turns the Page

BIO (take from The Moth)

Alexandra Rosas is a first-generation American who has been writing memoir, humor, and keeping a blog without sleep since she discovered the internet in 2006. In 2011, her life changed when she found her voice by becoming part of the cast of the Madison, Wisconsin Listen To Your Mother Show, a national series of live readings by local writers in celebration of Mother’s Day. She was named a BlogHer Voice of The Year for Humor, and has since been published in various humor and writing websites. She speaks to women’s groups, mother’s groups, school groups, and any group that will have her, on the importance of women supporting women.

Kevin Mikolajczek, User Experience Consultant at Microsoft

“Angie Mack is probably one of the most talented music directors I’ve ever had the privilege of working with.  She can pull together group of any age and create amazing works of art.  Check her out!”

–Kevin Mikolajczek, User Experience Consultant at Microsoft.   Lighting and Sound Designer

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Ozaukee Talent Testimonial from Kaitlyn Kropidlowski, Disability Coach

“Angela has a true act (no pun intended) for working with children. She is very professional with the children she teaches and she always makes sure that everyone has a chance to be seen and heard whether onstage or as an opinion. As a director, she always knew what she wanted and did everything she could to get it. Her greatest accomplishment while I was assisting her was directing a children’s musical theater production in 2 months while only meeting one day a week with the actors!”

Kaitlyn Kropidlowski at CIBC Theatre Hamilton

Testimonial from Laurel Kashinn, Certified Ghostwriter | Resume Writer | Family & Corporate Wellness Training | doTERRA Wellness Advocate | LOA Joy Coach

We love Ozaukee Talent and Angela Mack Reilly! She is a genuine pro. She’s coached and trained many awarding-winning students, including my daughter, and can help children, teenagers, and adults improve in their stagecraft, musical performance, song-writing, voice, confidence, and more. A great tutor, skilled at challenging students to stretch and grow, while always remaining supportive, encouraging, and positive. Kind yet firm, she really brings out their best and helps them shine. Ozaukee Talent is also well-connected and a great resource in the Milwaukee area and beyond, sharing and providing opportunities for performance, competition, and growth as an artist.