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Angie Mack Reilly is a published writer, composer, music educator and researcher.  Contact for creative content services.

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The World Music Foundation recently featured Angie Mack Reilly on their podcast along with Netherlands author Alex van der Tuuk.


Published Books

Chronic Creativity by Angela Mack published by Creativity Portal in 2001.

My purpose in writing this is so that the condition I’ve been infected with, Chronic Creativity, may be more readily understood and hopefully caught. I’ve come to realize that the secret to being creative comes from a certain mindset — a certain perspective and outlook on life and the world around. It’s about a lifestyle of looking at things from another angle. It is true that anyone can “do” creative things such as quilt a blanket, bake a cake, or write a poem. However, there is a level that goes beyond that. I am referring to a state of being. I am referring to being a creative person rather than doing creative things.”  READ MORE…….

Be True by Angela K. Mack

Be Free by Angela K. Mack






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1999 Two-time poetry winner for Phoenix Literary and Arts Magazine

2011 and 2012 “Poetry Paths” Winner, Village of Grafton

2006, Wisconsin Historical Society Website Award, Wisconsin Historical Society

Be True

Photos by Angie

Endless Supply of Inspiration

by Angela Mack published on Creativity Portal

Endless supply of
springing forth
out of your spirit!
Bubbling brook
of creativity,
unhindered by the
cares of this world.
Continuously flow
the rocks that get
in your way.
Break through the dams
that declare,
“Your journey ends here.”
(And shall I remind you
that a storm
is really your friend?)
Laughing river,
joyous song,
journey forward,
never ceasing.
Your internal compass
shall always guide you
to the lowest parts of the earth.

Interview with Musician Angela Mack

This excerpt is from Chronic Creativity: A Diagnostic Look at the Condition and How to Become Infected ©2001 Angela K. Mack. All rights reserved.

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