Local Puerto Rican Diva on the Rise to Stardom thanks to the Spanish Equivalent of America’s Got Talent

For Immediate Release by Angie Mack Reilly

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MILWAUKEE, WI Josefa Gonzalez is a long-time resident of Ozaukee County who is close to making a huge win as a top 10 vocalist on the Spanish equivalent of America’s Got Talent.

Tengo Talento Mucho Talento is celebrating their 10th year and has invited the best and most requested performers from the past 10 years to compete in a unique celebration. Gonzalez performed in 2014 and made it into the top 3 that year. She claims that English is her first language and it was her Spanish diction that kept her from winning the number one spot. Gonzalez is also dyslexic and will be looking for assistance to help her with her diction for the next round of competitions occurring in a few weeks.

Josefa Gonzalez is unique in that she is 65 years old and refuses to let her age stop her dreams. For many years, she performed as a lead vocalist in the Milwaukee-based band Tropical Heat. But then she miraculously had a child at the age of 46 and devoted her time toward raising her only son who she calls the “love of her life”. She and Anthony’s father were townhouse managers for many years in Grafton.

“I have struggled for many years to make it in the music industry. Sadly, the Latin musicians in the Milwaukee area have not embraced me.”

Gonzalez is in awe of how much respect and care the producers and staff of the show have given her.

“When I performed in the past, they bought me a beautiful purple dress to perform in, gave me a makeover and did my hair.”

Josefa considers herself a survivor and a strong example to other women. Her life has unfortunately been laced with various forms of abuse. When she was 17, one of her abusers held her captive in a closet and “beat her to a bloody pulp” as she describes. Because of the abuse, Josefa has suffered from depression throughout her lifetime yet her spirit is remarkably strong.

“I stayed with my abuser for 10 years. I believed whatever he would say to me. He would say things like, ‘You’re not going to amount to anything. You’re ugly. Nobody’s going to want to look at you.’ He later ended up committing suicide. If I would not have gotten away from him, he would have surely killed me too.”

She was 17. Josefa recalls her abuser laughing at her when she would try to sing. He would beat her whenever she tried to do things to help her self esteem like getting a haircut. Josefa’s father was an abuser so she didn’t know any different.

Fast forward to now. Josefa has literally reclaimed her own voice and style. She found her own fashion designer and is currently participating with the concept of a future dress to perform in. Angela McDonalds is her designer. One of her future looks will be a long white dress with feathers and a half of a mask on her face symbolizing a bird.

” I want to thank Tengo Talento Mucho Talento for believing in me and showing the world my talents. They have made me feel beautiful and have made me feel like the woman that I really am. I want to thank them so much! If I make it to the Grand Finale, I will sing Cucurrucucu Paloma which is an old Mexican song about a white dove. Music has been my way out.”

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