Ozaukee Talent: Overcoming Obstacles and Connecting People Through the Arts

Ozaukee Talent is Making an Impact

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Angie Mack Reilly has been proactively mentoring youth to become effective leaders through the arts for close to two decades in Ozaukee County.

Success can be measured in the career paths that many of her students have taken in various industries.

There is a proven solution already in place for our youth.

  1.  Model effective leadership and communication
  2.  Encourage connection through the arts
  3.  Build confidence and self expression
  4. Cooperate with area businesses and organizations for mutual benefit
  5. Provide performance and job opportunities for creative youth
  6. Encourage innovation through the arts and growing technologies

There is #goodnews happening in Ozaukee County!

Donations are needed to support expansion.

Nothing happens without connection.

Most Recent Partnerships:

  • Ozaukee Talent has partnered with the North Shore Academy of the Arts to revitalize their musical theater programming
  • Ozaukee Talent is partnering with the Cedarburg Performing Arts Center to bring tourism and entertainment dollars into Cedarburg, WI
  • Ozaukee Talent is partnering with the Whitefish Bay School District to bring arts enrichment programming to its youth
  • Ozaukee Talent is partnering with the Cedar Creek Settlement to bring customers to its shops through the arts
  • Ozaukee Talent is partnering with Gathering on the Green to bring quality programming to adults with developmental disabilities at Balance, Inc.
  • Angie started a record label called Hot Seat Records to provide recording opportunities for adults with mental health and addiction issues

Other Recent Partnerships:

  • Ozaukee Talent partnered with Fiddleheads Grand Opening to help raise awareness for the new downtown Grafton business
  • Ozaukee Talent partnered with the Paramount Music Festival to bring youth entertainment to its largest annual event
  • Ozaukee Talent partnered with the Cedarburg Culural Center to bring expertise (judging) for the annual musician awards

CONTACT:  angie@ozaukeetalent.com

photo of Angie Mack Reilly with book title

Chronic Creativity published in 2001 by Angela Mack

Author of CHRONIC CREATIVITY:  A Diagnostic Look at the Condition and How to Become Infected

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