Who’s in the “Hot Seat” Now?

The Arts Produces Confident Leaders!

by Angie Mack Reilly 10/10/17


Meet Ozaukee Talent Event Vocalist “Lizzy”

lizzy saler senior picture

Lizzy is a community leader in Ozaukee County who has been performing as a vocalist, dancer and model for close to ten years.   Lizzy’s high level of leadership, community service and good grades have been recognized by the the NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY.

Lizzy has been privately and professionally mentored by Angie Mack Reilly of Ozaukee Talent since she was in 4th grade and Stephanie Brown of Je Suis Talent.  Additional training and performances have been done with Lake Shore Dance, North Shore Academy of the Arts, Cedarburg Performing Arts Center and Drury Lane Theater.

Lizzy recently became the Associate Director of a non-profit organization called I AM POWER which focuses on empowering young girls with a culminating fashion show.

Lizzy is available to be booked as a soloist for upcoming Christmas and Wedding Events.   CONTACT VOCAL BOOKING MANAGER Angie Mack Reilly at angie@ozaukeetalent.com and 262.309.4112

Vocal Demos recorded by Hot Seat Records Spring of 2017


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