By Angie Mack Reilly © 4/3/16

When I think of the word “fluidity” I think of smooth.



Without restraint.







Full of grace.


Not stuck.

Not rigid.

Not hard.

Not strict.

(An antonym for fluidity is jelly.)


As in, “he got himself into a jam”.

So the next time I am asked,

“Why are you doing this?  Or, why are you doing that?”

Or, the next time I am judged or asked how or why,

I will respond,

I am simply.

Yes, simply.


Being fluid.

fluidity 2.jpg

I have been pondering the concept of “fluidity” now for about six months.  It’s a word that I have been meditating on especially when I go to my secret hiding place to relax and stretch in the water.  And, when nobody is looking, I play.  There has been this urge inside off me to understand what it means to live life fluidly.  I have sought for answers in the water much like a child diving for a coin at the bottom of the pool.  I have felt that there is a treasure in “fluid living” (if there is such a thing….)

If not, I am coining and copywriting it now.  FLUID LIVING.

It’s one of my top priorities these days.


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