By Angie Mack Reilly

As a longtime performing arts coach, it is quite customary for me to be a cheerleader.

“Yes!  You can learn how to write music!”

“Yes!  You can learn to play piano at age 83!”

“Yes!  You can be a mom and still get on stage to perform!”

In a world of negativity, it feels good to be a coach for positivity.


“Angela is a solid voice teacher and a very capable performer who deals naturally in “possibility thinking.” That makes her students and fellow performers function with the positive in mind, and creates better progress accordingly. Her work with our daughter helped foster a love for the stage and for music and I recommend her as a means of achieving similar outcomes.” –Steve Heston, Founder and Managing Principal at The Heston Group

One of my favorite quotes that a former pastor of mine used to say was, “There are fire-fighters and there are fire-lighters”.  In other words, there are those who can cast suspicion, negativity and doubt on our dreams and there are those who cheer us on and say, “Yes, YOU CAN!”

Reflecting back, I am recalling people who cheered me on.  Tracy, Alicia, Sippy, Sheri, Matthew, Annette……

We all need those people in our lives who say, “YES” when we are feeling a little bit of doubt in ourselves.

Bethany Burnham

“Before I met Angie, I didn’t have much confidence in my singing. I thought I was solely an actor who didn’t have a chance of singing on stage. Now I’m studying acting in New York City, and I’ve sang in every show I’ve been in here. Thanks to Angie, instead of second guessing myself, I say ‘no problem’ …”  –Bethany Burnham, PACE School of the Performing Arts, New York

Who are the people in your life who cheer you on and say, “YES!” ?  You need them….thank them for having faith in YOU!


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