Unpacking Her Adjectives!


by Angie Mack Reilly

I was Tina’s music teacher waaaaay back when she was a comical, animated, loud, active and highly intelligent grade school girl with big fluffy hair.

At the time, I was the music teacher at Ozaukee Christian School.

Tina and I began private voice lessons when she was in, maybe, fourth grade. We worked on the same musical theatre singing book that I work on with elementary students to this day!!  I seem to recall that her favorite song to sing was “Part of Your World” from The Little Mermaid because of all of the acting that can be done in that song.  Yes, she LOVED being dramatic.  That’s for sure!

I could clearly see that Tina loved the arts and that she was a natural leader.  A passion of mine is to develop leaders.

I chose “young Tina” to be a leader in several of the productions and chapel sessions that I led.  Later, I would ask Tina to become Assistant Director in the Schoolhouse Rock show that I was directing at the North Shore Academy of the Arts.  I believe I also asked her to lead out and teach choreography in some other productions.  I was the audition judge and music director for Aladdin when she was cast as the comical bird Iago.  Tina was a very funny child (and pre-teen, and teen).  I always loved her sense of humor.

Yes, Tina and I go way back.

Last I heard, I believe she is now student teaching at an arts high school.  And last year, she was the leading lady Mary Poppins!

Tina, if you are reading this now, I give you three adjectives:  SUCCESSFUL, INFLUENTIAL and COMICAL.    Now go and unpack those adjectives!






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