Private Music & Acting Lessons

Now Registering New Students for Summer 2020 of All Ages!  

1/2 hour/week slots are first come, first served!  What’s available?  Use drop down menu to see!  Starting the week of June 8th!

(Please refer to the TESTIMONIAL section for outstanding referrals)

  • Piano
  • Acting
  • Vocal
  • Guitar
  • Percussion
  • Songwriting
  • Music Theory & Improv
  • Public Speaking

Contact: for available time slots

Private lessons are held in Grafton for a minimum of 1/2 hour per week.  Every couple of months or so, we do an optional “Student Showcase” in the NSAA Theatre for those wanting to perform.

ARTICLE:  “Making Music With Angie”  Ozaukee Magazine



My ultimate goal as a teacher is to foster a lifetime of love for music in each student and to enjoy the process of learning.  Lessons should be something that the child looks forward to.  (Please communicate with me if they do not).  I try to tailor each lesson to the individual according to their learning style, learning speed, family dynamics and level of interest.  I use a “student-led” approach; meaning that I encourage each student to participate in the learning process through utilizing their ideas and things that interest them musically and otherwise.  I place a strong emphasis on innovative thought, individual thought and the creative process.  I also like to incorporate multi-disciplinary learning.  I believe that the process of learning music should be enjoyable.  Therefore, I do not believe in forcing youth to perform or compete musically.  I provide a safe environment where students are encouraged to take musical risks, make mistakes and are challenged to grow at their own pace and level creatively.


Students should optimally practice during several intervals of 15 minutes each throughout the week.  Lack of practice affects the student’s ability to learn in a timely and efficient manner.  All students are encouraged and taught to be able to practice on their own without parental help.  The instructor will recommend materials to be purchased.

Tuition helps the instructor cover costs such as

  • Rental of the music classroom, theater space and sound equipment
  • Classroom learning tools and supplies
  • Technology, Wi-Fi, online payment system, website, phone, etc…
  • Marketing costs
  • Taxes
  • Healthcare
  • Event planning and promotion for the STUDENT SHOWCASE, Open Mics, etc…
  • Time for scheduling, correspondence and communication
  • “Outside of classroom” song research for the student
  • 18 years of expertise potentially leading to referrals, performance and networking opportunities, inside scoop on area auditions, etc..
  • Instructor’s ongoing training and pay (after everything else is paid for ☺ )


Tuition credits may be given for things like referring a friend who signs up for lessons, help with marketing and social media, help at events or in the classroom, classroom donations and supplies, multiple children, etc…  Please talk to the instructor if payment is an issue for your family.


Ozaukee Talent may use “in action” photo or short video shots from time to time for promotional purposes.  Things like a students’ first or last name, age, school, etc…will not be revealed to the public without the parent’s permission.  In most cases, the child remains anonymous.  

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