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Angie Mack Reilly, Founder & Owner


Angie Mack Reilly is a musical director, performing artist, blues educator and writer who has a wealth of experience and connections in the arts and entertainment industry.  She is the founder of Ozaukee Talent and the co-founder of Paramountshome, both headquartered in Grafton, WI.  Angie has been directing musicals, primarily for youth, for the past 18 years.  In addition, she gives private music lessons to all ages with an emphasis on piano, guitar, voice, acting, percussion and songwriting.  She is in the process of constructing an interactive music lab for youth.  Her hobbies include composing music, writing poetry and gardening.

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Angie Mack Reilly
Ozaukee Talent, Founder and Owner
Cell:  262.309.4112

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