Ozaukee Talent Pop-Up Drum Circle 6.18.22 6-7 pm Lime Kiln Park, Grafton WI

Circle of Fifths

Need to Register?

Bring something to sit on, beverage, and percussion instrument of any kind only if you have one.  If not, something will be provided.

Notes for Drum Circle Attendees

6.18.22 Lime Kiln Park 6-7 pm created by Drum Circle Facilitator Angie Mack

Contact:  angie@ozaukeetalent.com

I am going to spend no more than 5-10 minutes explaining the vision for this drum circle which is scheduled to end at 7:00.  

Once we get started, I may pause and occasionally ask some guided questions for whoever wants to share.  I might ask things like:

  • What is your relationship with drumming? (It’s OK to say, “I am brand new at this”.)  
  • Why are you here?  Is it for personal growth such as to experience the physical, mental, spiritual or social benefits of drumming?  Is it because you are concerned about modern day events and need a place to come together with others?  Are you here to support me?  Are you unsure of why you are here?
  • What is your current authentic mood?  Embarrassed?  Proud?  Crabby?  Thankful?  Spiritual?  Stressed?  Drumming helps us to be mindful or “in the moment”.  

In brief, I have been an arts leader in Ozaukee County for about 26 years.  I am deeply concerned about the stress that modern day events have had on people and families.  I am not here with any type of political or religious affiliation.  I am here because I know, through experience, that music has two special qualities:  It heals.  And it brings people together.

Music is a universal language.  It’s all inclusive.  Making a beat is something that anyone can do.  It goes back to the very beginnings of human civilization.  Archaeologist Sergei Bibikov said that the first instruments were made out of mammoth bones   https://unesdoc.unesco.org/ark:/48223/pf0000049687

This gathering has zero to do with musical ability or prowess.  It is about experimenting with your instrument to bring sounds that contribute to the sound of the group.  It is about getting back to the very roots and basics of what it means to coexist with other people.  Occasionally I might gesture with my arm so that we can find a steady beat together.  Or I might gesture to play a little quieter or a little louder.  My job as the drum circle facilitator is to conduct musical and interpersonal unity.

I have always been fascinated by circles.   In fact, music is based on a scientific or mathematical law called the Circle of Fifths.  In addition, some of you may or may not know that some of the earliest and foundational songs in American history were etched into circles of wax about one block north of Lime Kiln Park.  

Circle of Fifths

I often joke that I don’t like parades because they are “too linear”.  I conduct many of my music and arts classes in circles.  I feel comfortable in circles.  At the center of today’s drum circle, I see love and respect.  `I see love and respect for you because you have a journey that is different than mine.  I hope that you can have love and respect for me because I have had a different journey than you.  As human beings, we should cheer each other on to be their best selves.  

I don’t see a lot of that in our modern day culture.  Have we really evolved as human beings if we are committing increasingly worse atrocities against one another?  

Guiding Rules

  • No talking during the session.  The goal is to listen to each other, to nature and to ourselves.  
  • Watch me for cues to get on the same beat, to get quieter or louder.  Otherwise, know that you sound great.  
  • Be comfortable.  Mostly with yourself.  Come and go as you need to.  If you need to phone or text, please step outside of the circle temporarily.  
  • Feel free to try different instruments.  Put yours in the middle of the circle and try something different for awhile.  
  • I might pause to take photos, audio or video for social media.

$10 suggested donation.  Cash. Venmo. Paypal. Etc…


Any Questions?  Otherwise, there will be more opportunities to share once we get going.


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