Debut: Viceymoo. “I Know”. He’s a Star.

Musical Prodigy to Debut at the Miramar Theatre  July 14

by Angie Mack Reilly 6.11.19

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He’s twenty years old from Mequon, WI.  A former Homestead High School football player who has decided to make it in the entertainment industry. With what I have seen so far, I believe he will.

When Chris Greeley, otherwise known as Viceymoo, opened his mouth to sing in my personal music studio yesterday, I knew.

This guy is a star. That’s all I can say. This guy is a star. I was absolutely speechless.

He started out singing a song that he wrote and produced called “I Know”. And the live version was stunningly powerful. Flawless. Rich. Resonate. Demanded attention. Captivating. Professional. Passionate.  Deeply moving. I’ve never seen anything like it. He’s a lead performer. No doubt.

The baffling thing is that Viceymoo is practically deaf in one ear and hasn’t received any musical training.

He is purely unique. Self-taught. In all reality, an undiscovered prodigy.  It began with free-styling and doing impressions for his friends in high school. His peers would beg him to entertain them. And I can see why. He’s a natural. Check out his Instagram account. But he stuck to being a jock and wrote his own music on the side.

“I think music should be more emotional. There’s too much music out there that’s bland and has no feeling or intentions behind it.”  –Viceymoo

We met for coffee about a month ago to discuss his musical goals. He introduced me to the music that he has produced and written. I was impressed. But I had a lot of questions as to the validity of his talent. So I inquired about his process.

“I go about making a song like a therapist. I want my music to heal people and make them feel something. Music they can relate to and think about.”  — Viceymoo

Now, I’ve met plenty of people who want to make it in the entertainment industry. And I consider myself a tough critic.   I understand the level of excellence required to make it in the entertainment industry.  Very few do.  But this young man is onto something…..

“What’s your back up plan?” I asked.

“I don’t have one. Because that’s preparing for failure.”

Impressive answer. OK. So this guy is dedicated and focused. And he knows that his talent has potential.  The time that he has already put into producing his large collection of original music proves it. He considers his music to be melodic alternative rap.

I could see that he had established a decent following online. I could see that he had written and produced a large number of songs. I could see that his peers supported him. I could see that this guy was a creative genius.

But could he truly sing? I wanted to know.  So we set up a time.

The second song that he sang for me was another he wrote called “Bet Betty Bet” followed by “Feel Me”.

“I love to entertain people. To be a distraction from their day to day lives. The same way a person watches a movie to getaway and feel some sort of emotion from it. I want to do the same for music.”  -Viceymoo

Subscribe on YouTube.  This guy is going places.  Viceymoo.  Check out his latest animated video.  For booking contact

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