Annual Musician Mash-up 2018 to be Held September 1 at the Grafton House of Blues Starting at 3 pm

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Annual Musician Mash-up 2018

Mission:  A musician networking event that raises awareness about the unique challenges musicians face with the goal of creating more opportunities in Ozaukee County for musicians to be featured,  paid adequately and to improve their quality of life.

Founded by Angie Mack Reilly of Ozaukee Talent.  Organized by William Baxter of The Science Project and Ramatik Records and Angie Mack Reilly (also an internationally known Paramount Records/Music historian).  See Angie and Paramount Records 

Why:  There are not enough income earning opportunities for musicians and singers in Ozaukee County.   There is not enough funding for musicians and arts organizations, particularly in Grafton, WI.   And there should be, considering Grafton’s music history.  Many musicians in Ozaukee County are living in or near poverty, do not have adequate health, dental or mental healthcare.  The goal is to unite, inspire and empower local musicians to raise awareness and to convince businesses and organizations to financially support a music scene in Grafton, WI.

When:  To be held in conjunction with the Paramount Music Festival at the Grafton House of Blues. .  Open Jam Session begins at 3pm on Saturday September 1st.  Address is 1701  11th Ave.  RSVP would be appreciated:

Where:  Located 2 blocks northwest of the Mississippi Blues Trail Historical Marker, former 78 record pressing plant and recording studio where blues legends such as Son House, Charlie Patton and Skip James recorded.  Angie Mack Reilly was the person who successfully pitched the concept of an annual blues festival (aka the Paramount Blues Festival), the first “Blues in the Schools” program in Grafton featuring Michael “Hawkeye” Herman, the music-themed downtown development in the heart of Grafton and the filming of a Paramount Records segment on PBS History Detectives to name a few.


What:  An informal weekend of musician jams, mixed genres, improvisation, songwriting, jam bands, free verse and anything else that moves about creatively, freely and fluidly.  Some of the best music and collaborative ideas come in an informal and improvisational setting.  Unfortunately, those times are rare and often unrecorded.  That is why we are hoping to create a comfortable and safe environment that encourages and inspires innovative thought.

Who:  All levels of musicianship are welcome. Ideas are welcome. Free admission for musicians and their significant others.  This is a kid-free event.  Musicians, bring your gear and whatever you like to drink.  Bring your merch if you have it!  Must be 18 or older.  Underage drinking is not allowed and musicians will be asked to show their driver’s license as ID.  Musicians coming may pitch a tent in the yard on Saturday night.

Marketing Hashtags: #keepitunderground #paramountrecords #musicianmashup and #kiu (keep it underground) #williambaxter #thescienceproject #franklinandfriends

Coming Soon!   #KIU product line to help fund events that financially benefit musicians

Donations:  People who care about the well-being of musicians and the cultural offerings in Ozaukee County are encouraged to donate.  Ozaukee Talent is a fiscal receiver through Arts Wisconsin.  Suggested amount:  $10/mo. or $50.

GIVE ONLINE NOW  through Arts Wisconsin

or donate through PayPal by hitting the button below….


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