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Tax Deductible Donations Can be Made Here  Thank you for a Gift of Any Size!

Thank you to ARTS WISCONSIN for providing this opportunity for Ozaukee Talent to receive donations.

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Thank you Arts Wisconsin for partnering with Ozaukee Talent!

by Angie Mack Reilly

The summer of 2017 has been a wonderful time of giving back to the community. Ozaukee Talent, currently a female-led small business, has:

  • Provided full summer music scholarships to two teenage girls who have a high level of interest in music.  Both girls have displayed talent in music yet have had family circumstances that would have prevented them from being able to take lessons this past summer.  VALUE:  $500  

Your tax deductible gift of $250 is enough to provide music lessons for one youth for the semester!  


  • Provided rehearsal space for a Grafton High School graduate who is a vocal major in college and home for the summer.  VALUE:  $300

Your tax deductible gift of $300 is enough to provide rehearsal space for a student pursuing a career in musical performance for the semester!  


  • Provided a part-time, paid summer internship to a Cedarburg High School graduate who is studying music in college.   Read More VALUE:  $500

Your tax deductible gift of $500 is enough to provide part-time work to a young person pursuing a career in music for the semester!


The giving goes on…… 

  • Provided complimentary recording, mixing and mastering time to two Ozaukee County females wanting to further their career in singing.  VALUE:  $750
  • Provided housing for a professional musician in need.  VALUE:  $3200
  • Provided entertainment for Winds of Recovery local fundraiser.  VALUE:  $200
  • Provided meeting space for a weekly Women’s AA meeting.  VALUE:  $300
  • Provided cash in hand to musicians at two open mic events.  VALUE:  $150 
  • Provided 8 free music lessons to local parochial school students.  VALUE:  $200
  • Provided free marketing services for several different arts organizations in southeast WI.  VALUE:  $2000
  • Provided sibling discounts to mothers of small children for “Open Lab” music classes.  VALUE:  $375
  • Provide music therapy services to women in recovery  VALUE:  $200
  • Provided free talent agency services to a talented gentleman in need  VALUE:  $1000
  • Provided free music lessons to benefit the Grafton Education Foundation VALUE:  $500
  • Provided free music career consultations to several individuals pursuing a career in music performance  VALUE:  $300
  • …..there’s more!!!!

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The problem is, all of these “donations” to date have been made “out of my own pocket”…..or at my own expense.  But that is how passionate I am about helping others pursue their dreams in music.

The need is there.  Ozaukee Talent is willing and ABLE to help.

I have not received any donations for Ozaukee Talent yet which is why I am writing this blog post.  I am hoping to give you a clearer picture on how Ozaukee Talent has been a benefactor to the community in very recent months…..particularly for women and children, those struggling with mental health and addiction issues and those talented individuals who are low income.

Thank you for giving.

Ozaukee Talent WISH LIST: 

Membership to National Women in the Arts

give to ozaukee talent

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One lesson. One song. One event at a time. Ozaukee Talent is a training and networking facility for people of all ages wanting to advance in the arts. Ozaukee Talent was founded by longtime arts leader Angie Mack in 2016. Ozaukee Talent provides private music and acting lessons, contracted event marketing, contracted arts project management, consulting, arts public speaking and performing, hosts musical events, workshops and classes in the arts. Contact: Ozaukee Talent 1701 11th Ave. Grafton WI 53024 angie@ozaukeetalent.com 262.309.4112 Follow @ozaukeetalent on Instagram and Facebook. Tax deductible donations for Ozaukee Talent through Create Wisconsin, Inc. Venmo: @ozaukeetalent PayPal: angie@ozaukeetalent.com

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