by Angie Mack Reilly (c) 10/5/16

As a long time theater and musical performance coach, I am well aware of the fact that HOW something is said is just as important as WHAT is said.

Have you ever had to sit through a lecture or a sermon by someone who was monotone?

“Anyone?  Anyone???”

If your aim is to put your audience to sleep, keep using that monotone voice, baby.

And what about those odd quirks or idiosyncrasies that public speakers have?  (SNIFF) You know, like THIS………

Sometimes the idiosyncrasy can be so distracting that it’s difficult to hear the actual message.  What I want to know is….Has Trump ever had any public speaking coaching?  Judging from the first Trump-Clinton Presidential Debate, I would tend to think not.

In theater, actors are trained to alter their tone of voice depending on the character.

How about the robust and powerful WIZARD of Oz?

When studying for the SNL Donald Trump vs. Clinton Debate Cold Open, actress Kate McKinnon had to perfect Hilary’s annoying, “stuck in the throat, part nasal” tone of voice.

Says McKinnon in the skit using her “Hillary voice”,

“Listen America, I get it.  You hate me.  You hate my voice and you hate my face.”

Witches tend to use that same throaty/nasal voice.  Just saying.

Try saying, “Come here my little pretty……” in that old, Wicked Witch of the West voice. See?  You might have a good message, but if you sound like a witch?  Well……

I have found that people aren’t as good of public speakers as they think they are.  If you are in front of people, speaking on a regular basis, why not ask someone to critique you? And what better person to critique you than a long-time performing arts director and audition judge who understands how to manipulate tone of voice and character?

Let me help.  Honest.  

By video, phone or in person.





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