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collaborateTalent Services Offered

  • Talent Consulting -Receive professional, honest and expert advice on what it will take to get you ready for the current and competitive entertainment market.  Receive a comprehensive written plan with clear cut goals and objectives for you to reach.
  • Talent Coaching and Development  –Receive professional training to get you “industry ready”.
  • Talent Promotion –Receive personal branding advice, promotional materials, and online marketing strategies.   Receive assistance with promoting your talent online including a web page on one of our talent sites and social media marketing.  Receive professional resume, photo, video and audio services under the direction of one of our agents.
  • Talent “Pitching”-It is most effective and customary to have someone in the Arts & Entertainment industry “pitch” or introduce your talents to other key professionals in the industry.   We will try to connect you with the right people using our peer to peer connections.  We will offer letters of recommendation when necessary.  (Due to our credibility, reputation and integrity standards of excellence, we will not “pitch” talent or promotional material that isn’t “industry ready”.)
  • Talent Assistance– Songwriting assistance, musician assistance on recordings, song arranging, help with licensing and copy writing, etc…

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