Google Announces Chrome Music Lab

by Angie Mack Reilly

Musician, Producer and Founder of Ozaukee Talent

Online music tools are an excellent way to help children become curious about music concepts.  With more and more children having access to technology, I am pleased that Google has created the Chrome Music Lab for curious minds of all ages to learn musical concepts using smart phones, iPads, computers and other devices.

The basic concept with this online learning tool is to visually show the correlation between music and sound waves.

My personal favorite experiment within the lab is the KANDINSKY EXPERIMENT where you can “draw” various lines of different sizes and shapes and then HIT PLAY to see and hear how those lines would sound.

Also fun is the VOICE SPINNER which allows you to record your voice into your device’s microphone and visually watch it spin.

This new technology fits in with my personal beliefs on music education.  It should be interactive, fun, and allow for the student to incorporate their own creative ideas.  When I teach children and teens how to play the piano, sing, play guitar and write music, I try to incorporate the ideas that they have.  Let’s say that a child loves playing Mario Brothers music games.  Then we learn how to play some of the theme songs on the piano.  Or let’s say that a student comes up with a musical idea on the piano.  Then we look at ways to expand that musical thought.

Learning should set the stage for a lifetime of love for music.

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