Connecting Grafton, WI to Nationwide PBS

A Successful Pitch to a National Television Show!

by Angie Mack Reilly

It had to be done.  More people needed to hear about the Paramount record label!!  They needed to know that Grafton, a small Wisconsin town, played a huge role in the music scene.  They needed to know more about the artists who recorded in Grafton and other places like Chicago and New York.  America needed to know!

Beginning in 2004, I began emailing everyone that I could think of who would be interested in connecting to the Paramount story.  I signed a lot of my email letters as “passionate about Paramount.”  (Did I ever email you?  Would you mind emailing me a copy at ?)

One of the hundreds of places I wrote was the PBS show, History Detectives.  I knew that it was a long shot.  After all, they only film less than 2% of their story submissions per year.  However, the producer had taken interest and I began corresponding with the production team, I want to say, for entire year before it even aired.

Apart from airing nationwide, PBS has been promoting it online as well.  By now, the YouTube segments have been seen by over 35,000 people!

You can watch the first episode here.  Look for Part 2 on YouTube.


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